Libertarian Songbook

She's a Libertarian

lyrics by Brenda Bell

(Set to the tune of "Day Tripper" by the Beatles)

Ain't got no reason for taking the easy way out
She's got no reason for taking the easy way out
She's not a Dem-o-crat
Nor Re-pub-li-can
She's a Lib-er-tarian to the end

Never a reason for letting the government rule
Her life and reason — She's no duopoly fool
She's not a Democrat
Nor Republican
She's a Libertarian to the end?

"What is the reason that says, 'I am wasting my vote'?
"The 'lesser of evils' is still something evil," she notes.
"I?m not a Democrat
"Or Republican.
"I'm a Libertarian to the end?"

Written 28 May 2004 at the Libertarian Party National Convention, Atlanta, Georgia

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